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Radiant (or Thermal) Barrier was designed to protect our NASA astronauts from the +250 to -450 degree temperature extremes in outer space.

Reflective Comfort works with Thermal Barrier to insulate attic spaces. This home insulation is up to 9 times more effective & efficient than standard blown-in or rolled-in attic insulation, regardless of the amount. Standard insulation is not designed to handle radiant heat.

Don'y have an attic to insulate? No worries! Reflective Comfort also offers Premium Insulated Paint, which can be applied to flat roofs, as well as the interior and exterior of a home to maximize its protection and lower your energy costs.

A Much Cooler Home Without Running an Air Conditioner

The average home picks up 89-93% of heat gain through the attic in the summer time. Standard insulation, regardless of the amount, blocks only 10% of the 130+ degree attic heat. We install Thermal Barrier in your attic to reduce summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs. The product is a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. Radiant Barrier blocks 94-97% of the attic heat!

A Much Warmer Home in the Winter

In the winter time, the standard home loses 70-80% the heat through the attic. It’s typically 8-12 degrees warmer at the ceiling. Thermal barrier reflects the heat back down, giving a much warmer home and even temperature throughout your home, while reducing utilities up to 52%.

What is Radiant Heat?

The sun heats the earth through radiation. Since there is no medium (like the gas in our atmosphere) in space, radiation is the primary way that heat travels in space. While conduction is the transfer of heat energy by direct contact, convection is the movement of heat by actual motion of matter; radiation is the transfer of energy with the help of electromagnetic waves. Radiant heat travels in a straight line away from any surface and heats anything solid that absorbs its energy.

Credit Yale Program on Climate Communication

Climate Change in Colorado Springs

Jeff Lukas, research integration specialist at Western Water Assessment, a NOAA Funded program at University of Colorado-Boulder, recently spoke about how climate change will transform Colorado Springs. "We can generate some very fine scale information from the climate models," he explained, "and the temperature part of it is very trustworthy because we expect a fairly uniform warming across the state." He observed that Colorado Springs "summers have gotten really hot and even in May we're getting too many 90 degree days."

Examples of Everyday Products Using Radiant Barrier

Some of the spin off products of radiant barrier are, thermos bottles, chocolate candy wrappers, reflective windows in office buildings, emergency blankets, fire shelters for fire fighters & smoke jumpers, containers for pizza delivery... The list is seemingly endless!

Thermos Bottle

Office Windows

Emergency Blanket

Chocolate Candy

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Testimonials from Colorado Springs Residents

You can have a comfortable home this season too!

I believe Reflective Comfort is a great product that saves money all year long.

With 15 years in the heating & cooling industry in Colorado, keeping the heat inside during the winter & outside during the summer is what I try to do.

I had Brian install Reflective Comfort in my house to see if it would perform as he said it would. I’m happy to report that my family has felt the benefit of his product. We’ve seen a reduction our utility bills during both the summer & winter without sacrificing any comfort.

I believe Reflective Comfort is a great product that saves money all year long…

For that reason, I am happy to recommend it to my family, friends and customers.

~ Brian Harris, Colorado Springs

When the outside temperature hits 92-94 degrees, the inside temperature is 76 degrees.

Just a short note to let you know how your product, thermo barrier, has worked in my house.

My degree is from Texas A & M in electrical engineering. My career was 43 years with the Corps of Engineers. We installed your product in many of the government buildings on military bases.

Prior to installing thermo barrier in my house, the upper areas of my house were extremely hot & uncomfortable in the summer. I can honestly say your product works and works well! When the outside temperature hits 92-94 degrees, the inside temperature is 76 degrees.

In the winter I used to have cold areas. No more! I have the same temperature on all levels. My furnace runs 33-54% less.

~ John Burt, Colorado Springs

I’m saving 60% on my utilities

My house is now uniformly comfortable, warmer in the winter & much cooler in the summer without running my air conditioner. It’s heaven & I’m saving 60% on my utilities. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased & would not hesitate to recommend your product to any of your potential customers. It truly delivers what it promises!

Thank you, again.

~ Marilyn